It’s Sunday night, and Wil just went back to work. Unlike many of the population whose work week begins on Monday at 9am, Wil works at night, which means his work week begins on Sunday evening at 8:30pm.

The nice thing about his current schedule is that he has the weekends off. But when Sunday night rolls around I get pretty depressed. After spending two uninterrupted days together, he has to return to the grind, and on a Sunday no less. Ari and I try to keep ourselves entertained when he leaves.

But I find myself enviously thinking about the people out there who get to have their husbands/boyfriends/partners with them on this Sunday evening. Meanwhile, Ari and I (and the mystery baby) are missing Wil a lot. It’s especially hard when Ari’s going to sleep and he asks:
“Where’s daddy?”
“Daddy’s at work.” I tell him.
In true two year-old fashion, he replies
“No, daddy’s not at work.”
“Oh, where is he then?” I ask, curious to know what he’ll come up with.
“He’s uh…downstairs!” He says confidently.
Usually this situation is resolved when we call Wil at work to say goodnight. Ari concedes that daddy must be at work. Or I guess he could be calling from “downstairs.”

It’s lonely here on Sunday nights, and I find it really hard to get back into the weekly routine. Then again, I suppose no matter when your husband/boyfriend/partner is gone, it’s bound to be hard. I think about people who have significant others in military and don’t see their loved ones for months or years. Then I feel like a whiny exaggerator.

But this schedule is hard. Wil is either sleeping or at work and there’s no in between. I suppose the best thing to do is to savor the two days off we have together.

How do you cope when your husband/boyfriend/partner is away?