Despite my level of extreme exhaustion, my mom convinced me to go out and vote today. We were all set to go. I managed to finagle Ari into the stroller after he danced around a tree that resides outside our building. We began to walk to the voting polls, and all at once I turned to my mom and said “Do you smell something?”
“No,” she replied “Do you?”
“Yes, ” I said tentatively “It smells like…dog shit!” I looked down at the stroller and my suspicions were confirmed. The area of the stroller where Ari rests his feet was covered in dog shit and so were the bottom of his sneakers as well as his jeans.

I wanted to cry.

So we did an immediate U-turn. I tried to come up with a plan for how to rectify this situation. First I called my dad to see if Ari had extra shoes downstairs. Hearing the urgency in my voice, he immediately came up stairs to see what was going on.
“I’ll go hose down the shoe and the stroller.” I said to my mom.
“No, no!” My mom said “Dad and I will deal with this. You’re pregnant. You don’t need to be touching dog shit.”
“Um…okay.” I said feeling insanely guilty. Once again i wanted to cry.
“I wanna go upstairs and see Egreck!” Said Ari
“I’ll get him upstairs and give him a bath.” I said to my mom, the tears already starting. I just wanted to vote, but at this point I was emotionally exhausted.
When I got Ari upstairs, I told him he had to take a bath.
He screamed “I don’t wanna take a bath!” I managed to get him into the bath and then I started crying. Wil heard me and came in immediately.
“What’s wrong?” He asked
I told him the whole story and he rubbed my back.
“Did you step in dog poop?” He asked Ari
“Yeah!” Said Ari proudly.
Needless to say, I didn’t get to vote.