This morning I was down to my last bit of coffee. I emptied the bag into the filter and looked forward to the moment when my coffeemaker beeped so I could savor my last cup. When my Krups 12 Cup Programmable coffeemaker gave me the go ahead, I mixed the milk and sugar into my friend the coffee cup, and prepared a bagel with peanut butter for Ari and I to share.

As soon as I made to the living room, I sat on the couch in a sleepy haze, and before I knew it, I had spilled my last cup of hope all over the table.

I’m normally a clumsy person but, being pregnant, my increased progesterone levels have taken over and made me into a maladroit.

While I was busy cleaning up the mess I’d just made. Ari managed to steal my breakfast.

I asked him if he was eating my bagel, and he proudly confirmed “Yes!”

Please tell me I’m not alone. Share your clumsy stories with me!