Ari’s hair grows incredibly fast. When it gets too long, I turn to Wil to cut it. I’m not particularly good at cutting hair, and we can’t afford to pay for a professional hair cut. So when I noticed that my child’s hair was starting to resemble a mullet, I begged Wil to work his magic with the scissors. He kept saying he would do it, and just “never got around to it.”

Finally, I’d had enough. So I went for it myself.

We visited my friend Cordy today, and she graciously allowed me to shear my son in her bathroom.

Here’s how my work turned out:

Yes, it’s uneven, and it totally looks like a mom cut it, which I did.

When I returned home, Wil gasped:
“You cut his hair?!”
“Yes, because you kept saying you were going to do it, and you never did!” He replied.

He proceeded to whip out his scissors to “fix” my work.

Are you brave enough to cut your kid’s hair or do you take them to have it done elsewhere?