I don’t have something funny to say all the time. Remarkable events don’t happen to me on a daily basis. Yet, I feel the need to write every day. If I don’t write, I feel pent up inside. There are too many noises going on my head. Too many thoughts that need somewhere to go.

Needless to say, I’m no Tanis Miller or Jason Mayo. I love these guys, but they can be spontaneously hilarious. I can’t. I need to feel inspired.

Yet, I check my blog constantly for comments. I love comments. When someone comments, I feel validated, heard. When I don’t receive any comments on a post, I freak out a little inside. I second guess myself. Is it worth it? Should I keep writing? Does anyone care?

This is by no means a cry for sympathy. I’m merely sharing my thought process when it comes to blogging.

I love to read and comment on other people’s blogs, but I’m egocentric, I admit it. I want people to read what I write. Not because I think I’m fantastic, but because it makes what I wrote seem real to me.

I can’t pretend I don’t care. I can’t play it cool. This has always been a side of my personality. I ask for what I need. I never waited for a guy to call me. I called him. I have no game. You can read my emotions on my face. Or in this case you can read them right here.

Tell me: Am I alone? Do you feel the need to be validated? Share your thoughts!

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