I used to be an articulate person. I used to be able to spell words and form coherent sentences. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. I find myself unable to express myself…see! I did it again! I was trying to complete a thought and I completely spaced and forgot where I was going.

I have what my dear friend Alana refers to as “the pregnancy stupids.” Yes friends, I am no longer intelligent. Not only am I stupid, but I’m clumsy. When I attempt to pour a beverage of any kind I miss the cup by a long shot and all of the liquid involved ends up on the floor. It’s quite fascinating, actually, to watch this occur.

Now, this is not to say that I’m the most graceful person in “real life.” I am a total klutz and…sorry I just got distracted by the fact that “klutz” is a Yiddish word. I had no idea! It happened again! I can’t focus for more than three seconds at a time on a given task.


Anyway, the point is, I hope one day to have my brain back. If you notice any typos in my posts, now you know why.

Here’s the trouble though, I not only have the pregnancy stupids, but I also have “mom brain.” This, folks, is a deadly combination.

Is there anyone else out there missing a brain? Please let me know!

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