I have a confession to make: I’m 30 years old, and I’ve never made lasagna…until now.

For all you vegetarians and kosher people out there, it’s cheese lasagna, no meat included.

The reason I never attempted to make this dish in years past is because it intimidated me!
My mom would complain constantly about how long it takes to make lasagna.
She would lament about what a pain in the ass it was to assemble, there were so many layers involved.

Finally, I said to myself, What the hell! I’m going to go for it!

So I looked up a decent recipe, found this one and began the process.

Once I started assembling the ingredients, I felt the fear within me rise:

What if I’m doing this all wrong?
What if my mom was right and this lasagna is going to sabotage me?
The layers! There are so many layers! This is taking forever!

But I progressed onward. 45 minutes later, after the oven timer beeped, I made Wil take out the lasagna. I was too scared to look. Plus, I was afraid I would drop it. I’ve been so clumsy lately with my pregnant brain, I didn’t trust myself.

“Um, is it supposed to look like that?!” He shouted across the apartment.

I started to panic. I ran down the hall and into the kitchen. I hastily removed the foil on top of the lasagna pan and found this:

I breathed a sigh of relief.

“No, that looks about right.” I told him.

Me- 1
Lasagna- 0

I win.

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