You thought I was getting married, didn’t you? Fooled you! It’s not me who is tying the knot, but rather my best friend of 17 years, Mint.

Isn’t her sample wedding make-up lovely?

Mint and Mike are getting married in mid-October and I will be her maid of honor.

But even more exciting is that Ari is going to be the ring bearer! We sat down with him to talk about the wedding.

So far his thoughts about the wedding are as follows:

  • He believed that the wedding was “at grandpa’s house.”
  • We corrected him and told him that it would be at a library. He asked “With Nelson?” Nelson is his best friend who he goes to the library with sometimes.
  • We explained to him it was like a big party he said “OH! Cake!”
  • We told him who would be at the party and he asked if Simon and Egreck (his cats) and Lucky (my brother’s dog) would be there. We replied “No animals will be allowed at the wedding.” He said “OH! Boys and cake!” His word for “people” is “boys.”

Mint even brought him some books about his responsibilities.

Mint added some crucial details to one of the books.

I tried to get him interested in the book above by saying that the little boy on the cover was Ari, but he freaked out and said “NO! Ari is here!” and pointed to himself.

He was utterly disinterested in either of the books. So instead, we had him practice carrying Mint’s engagement ring on big striped pillow that he’s fond of.

He did surprisingly well carrying the ring on the large striped pillow. I think he’s excited about his big moment.

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