I mentioned in a prior post, that Ari is going to be the ring bearer in Mint and Mike’s wedding. I will be in the wedding party as Mint’s Maid of Honor.

Today my mom, Ari and I went into Manhattan to try on my Maid of Honor dress. It was a bit tricky finding a dress because I am becoming increasingly more pregnant by the minute. But Mint and I managed to find a really pretty option.

It’s not a maternity dress, per say, but it has a empire waist and can account for an expanding belly. As I was undressing, one of the sales ladies at the dress shop asked me about my tattoo.

She said “It’s kind of ironic that you have a Hebrew word tattooed on your body. I’m Jewish and you aren’t allowed to be buried in a Jewish cemetery if you have tattoos.”

I explained to her that I was Jewish too, and my tattoo has special significance to me. Then we got into a long discussion about religion versus spirituality. After our scintillating conversation came to a close, she offered to take a picture of me in my Maid of Honor dress. Here’s how I looked:

Alright, I’ll come a little closer.

I have to go back a couple of weeks before the wedding to have it altered because of my rapidly growing fetus.

After I managed to peel the dress off of me (with help from the sales ladies) I was starving. So my mom treated me to the most expensive kosher hamburger and fries I’ve ever had. My order came to a whopping $16.00.

And look how small the hamburger was:

But look how big the fries were:

And check out the enormous bag the whole meal came in:

The guy preparing my order was really nice. I told him I was pregnant and needed some bread immediately before I fainted. So he gave me two slices of rye and threw in a pickle for good measure.

I felt much better after I ate and so did my mystery baby. As we drove home, Ari finished all of the french fries.

Check back here tomorrow as I will be guest posting on a famous mom blog. Details to come!

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