In prior posts, I’ve talked about how hard it is to make mom friends. Unlike previous days, today was a good day at the playground. Even though it was a million degrees outside, I was happy to get Ari out, and Ari was happy to steal a random vehicle.

Maybe I was in a good mood. Perhaps the stars were aligned correctly, but every mom that I met today either had a toddler and was pregnant with another baby or had a toddler and a newborn. And guess what? They were all decent human beings! What do you know?

Additionally, I was able to hold enough of a conversation with these ladies in order to get some mom digits. This is unlike my former experiences on the playground where I could barely get a word out before I had to chase Ari up and down the length of the playground asphalt.

Today, Ari was just happy to climb the highest possible playground equiptment and hand me his sticky “peanut butter bagel.”

And I was happy to have made some mom connections.

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