After our trip to Governor’s island, it was apparent that I could no longer push my stroller. You see, one of the back wheels of the Maclaren Techno XT (circa 2000) had fallen off. My sister-in-law kindly gave us this stroller, and let me tell you, this baby is a veteran. She strolled around town with my niece in the Techno XT when she was a baby. My niece is now almost nine years old. Considering it’s age, it lasted a long time! We’ve had the Techno XT for over a year!

Even though I was exhausted from the trip, I called my dad, and asked if he wanted to accompany me to Maclaren repair store in Soho to get the back wheels fixed for $40. My dad agreed to come along for the journey. Ari was thrilled to re board the “choo-choo” with Grandpa.

When we arrived at Maclaren, we saw this:

Beneath it was this:

Wait a minute? I thought to myself. I’m going to pay $40 for new wheels, when I can get a NEW stroller for $100? My dad I talked it over, and we decided that it made more sense to buy the new stroller.

Maclaren even gave me 10% off because I opted to donate the old stroller to them to recycle. So the new stroller ended up being around $95!

Ari loved his new ride.

We were so excited about the new stroller, that we decided to celebrate with some falafel at one of my favorite falafel joints: Mamoun’s.

Eating at Mamoun’s brought back memories of my college days when I was at NYU.
If you are interested in purchasing the Maclaren Triumph, they still have a ton of them in boxes at the Maclaren store which is located here.

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