I am heading into my second trimester of pregnancy and, unfortunately for me, my level of exhaustion is still high. Ari, my little roving two year old, has no shortage of energy. This presents a problem. In my current physical state (being three months pregnant) I lack the energy to chase after him. In fact I was so exhausted and hyper-emotional about my lack of “mom energy” that I called my friend Josina (mother of Ari’s best friend, Nelson) crying because all I could seem to do was put Ari in front of Blue’s Clues and lie on the couch.

Josina was very supportive and listened to my sad story. She said something that really stuck with me:
“Kids need structure. He is probably happy to watch all that TV, but he is also probably confused as to why you are suddenly allowing him to do so.”

I agree with Josina. I have to come up with activities that Ari can do while I lie on the couch being pregnant and tired. Please post a comment with an activity idea for me to try!

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