After I posted I’m Not Married, I received a highly jugmental comment from an anonymous reader. It read like this:

“Anonymous said…

You are the product of how our society has become so immoral……there is no shame now in bringing illegitimate children into the world. We have become a Godless society…..and you my dear are helping us along the road to destruction. People have become soulless and just look to their own pleasures to fill empty lives….this is very sad. “

Here is my response:

“Anonymous – Thank you for your comment. You just proved my point about how self-righteous and judgmental society can be. As for being soulless, I don’t know you and I think it unfair for you to make judgments about whether or not I have a soul. I hope you feel better about yourself after posting this comment.”

Although the comment was hurtful, I’m glad this person made it. It proves my point: there are still judgmental people out there telling me that I am living in sin.

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