Old School/New School Mom presents the first in series of arbitrations. Without further ado, I give you: “Who is Right?”

The Situation:

This morning at 5:30am Ari was whining a little bit because it was too bright in his room. As I was sleeping right beside him, I managed to calm him down enough to go back to sleep. Or so I thought. Right at that very moment, Wil opened the door. He had just arrived home from the overnight shift. He said he wanted to check on us.

As soon as the door opened Ari screamed “Daddy!” So Wil picked him up.
“You woke him up.” I grumbled.
“No I didn’t, he was already awake.”
“No, he woke up when you opened the door.” I insisted.
“Whatever.” He replied and with that he took Ari into the living room and let him watch Tv until 6:30am. During this time I managed to fall back asleep. Until I heard a banging on the door. It was Ari. The banging was followed by “Mommy!”

Wil opened the door and said “He wants you.”
So I came out and started to get ready for work since I was up anyway.
All of a sudden Wil announces:
“Okay. I’m going to sleep now.”
“What?” I said “You woke him up at 5:30, I have to get ready for work, my parents aren’t coming until 7:30 to watch him. You need to stay up till my parents get here!”

He insisted that I was being selfish and that he should be able to go to sleep because he watched him for an hour.

Now it’s up to you! Who is right? Wil or Me?
Should Wil be able to go back to sleep or should he stay up till 7:30 and watch Ari?

You decide!

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