I’ve previously talked about my dislike for the baby boy wardrobe options in my post What Not to Wear Baby Boy. Essentially, baby and toddler boys have limited clothing choices, and they mostly consist of shirts and pants with fictitious sports teams on them. Toddlers are obviously not ready to play for the NBA, so these clothes are irritating and inappropriate.

In What Not To Wear Baby Boy, I also mentioned my friend Josina, who has taken baby boy clothing matters into her own hands. She designed and sewed a pair of adorable overalls for her son (and Ari’s great friend) Nelson. Without further ado, here is Nelson modeling his fabulous one of a kind mom-made overalls:

Overalls are a great item of clothing. They can be worn by both girls and boys and can vary in design. Nelson here is modeling a cow print pattern, but your child may prefer trucks, monkeys or maybe stars or hearts.

I might just bug Josina for her overall pattern so I can make Ari some!

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