When I was a child there were many toys that could have been considered a “craze.” One of my favorites were slap bracelets.

These were bracelets that you could literally slap onto your wrist. They were a lot of fun, until they were deemed dangerous (because apparently one could injure oneself in the slapping process) and banned from many schools.

Today’s toy craze are these:

They are called Silly Bandz. I have seen epic fights emerge over these things. Kids love to trade them with one another and get really upset if they lose one that they particularly care for.

Upon first inspection, they appear to be simple jelly bracelets, but when you take them off your wrist they become actual shapes like this:

I’m sorry, but I still don’t think they’re that cool. They are not worth getting into screaming and crying fights over, which is what I see on the playground and in the classroom most every day. Furthermore, teachers can barely get their lessons out because they have to constantly stop kids from playing with the 100 silly bandz that are on the kids’ wrists or hidden in their pockets.

I, for one, cannot wait until the silly bandz craze goes away.

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