There I was waiting for the elevator to the subway with my stroller. Unfortunately, three yuppies (also with strollers) were ahead of me in line. There were two women and a man all with fancy Maclarens and well-dressed toddlers all waiting to head underground. Meanwhile, I was lurking in the background with my semi-broken stroller and cranky hot toddler.

The elevator arrived and the yuppies piled in. I quickly assessed the spacial capacity of the elevator and determined that I would have to wait for the next ride. I guess the male yuppie thought I was considering crashing their Maclaren elevator party because he eyed me and said:

“Looks like we’re all full.” And the door closed passive-aggressively in my face. I was left with a feeling of undirected rage. How dare he tell assume that I wanted to squish myself in with him and his pals. I turned to two young mothers with babies standing who had just arrived to wait for the next elevator.

“What an ass!” I complained to them, “I knew there wasn’t any room in there!” One mother smiled at me, turned to her friend and started speaking very quickly in another language. So much for my impromptu therapy session.

I finally managed to get on the elevator and onto the subway. When I arrived at my destination and stepped off the train, I immediately spotted the same three yuppies making a bee-line for the elevator exit. Great, I thought, Here’s my chance to tell that yuppie bastard who’s boss!

When I got to the elevator I said to the man:
“We meet again.”
He half-laughed.
“So, you gonna close the elevator door on me again?”
He looked horrified! It was awesome.
“I’m just kidding!” I exclaimed.
The elevator arrived and the two yuppie women piled in.
“You– you wanna go first?” The man asked timidly.
“No, you go ahead, it’s fine.” I said smiling. I said what I needed to say.

Nobody closes the elevator door on Sarah Fader.

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