For the past two years, I’ve done most everything I do with Ari by my side. And if he wasn’t next to me at a given moment, he demanded to be moved so that this situation could be corrected.

Suddenly things have changed. When I’m in the room he wants “Daddy!” When I tell him to take a nap he wants to “Sleep with daddy!” Today after we painted pictures together, I went to check my email and he screamed “grandma!” He demanded to see his grandma until she came upstairs to play with him.

He’s asserting his independence from me big time, but I am not ready for this! I’m not sure if he’s angry that I’ve been working a lot and therefore seeking revenge when I am actually here.

It’s not all bad. We still play together, but his demands for other people are growing rapidly. I’m not the center of his universe anymore and that makes me sad.

Not only is he demanding other people, but he is on a sleep strike. He hasn’t napped for three days in a row.

Is this the “terrible 2’s?”

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