I was feeling nauseated, and it occurred to me that I hadn’t gotten my period, so I made Wil go out and get me the following items:

1. Chicken soup
2. Ginger Ale
3. A pregnancy test.

I quickly consumed the soup and nursed the ginger ale. I decided it was time to tackle the pregnancy test.

I ripped open the box and threw the directions to the side. I figured, I’ve done this before, I know exactly what to do this time! After I peed on the stick, the following results popped up nearly instantaneously:

I ran out of the bathroom and told Wil:
“We’re having a baby!”

We were excited, despite the fact that we don’t have a lot of money at the moment.

For the next few days I went around telling close friends that I, indeed, was expecting a second child. I was nauseated, craving certain foods, the works. I even stopped coffee for a few days!
I made an appointment with a midwife to see how far along I was.

On one of my daily trips to the restroom, I noticed the second pregnancy test staring me the face. I decided, for some unknown reason, to take the second test. The same result came up, but then I looked at the box:

I realized that I was a complete moron! I wasn’t pregnant! I assumed I was with child because both boxes had a line in them. One of them being the “control” box and the second one being the “you’re pregnant” box. However, I failed to look at the box, which clearly tells the user to check for a plus (+) sign.

The crazy thing is that I was experiencing many of the early pregnancy symptoms. I guess it was the placebo effect, I believed that I was pregnant, so my body compensated.

The next few days were filled with me telling my friends that I was completely insane.

The moral of the story: read directions.

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