When I started subbing for the NYC Department of Education, I was working a day here and there. It was the optimal situation for me and my family.

Gradually, as I found a school I clicked with, I began subbing more and more. This was great at first, I was making decent money and able to pay the bills.

However, recently I’ve been working between three and four days a week.

When I get home I am excited to see my son, but it is hard to have the energy to converse with a toddler when you’ve spent the day with 25 wily 7 year olds!

I don’t know how full time teachers who have children do it! My great friend Josina has a full time job teaching history at a prestigious high school, and then returns home to her husband and energetic 2 year old ( I am jumping the gun, he will be two in March).

The point is, working in any capacity and being a mother is hard! You are doing two very real very hard jobs, both of which are rewarding and exhausting all at once!

What about you? Are you working and mothering at the same time? Are you staying home? What’s your story?

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