There is no doubt that holding a full time job is hard work. However, it is just as hard (if not harder) to stay home with your child. Here are my top ten reasons why staying home is hard.

10. Your “boss” refuses to let you take a sick day, ever.

9. You are not allowed to take a bathroom break lasting more than 60 seconds and sometimes you are even accompanied by a “chaperone” when you use the facilities.

8. Despite your efforts to please your “boss,” sometimes your hard work is literally thrown on the floor.

7. You are asked to do things beyond your job description, including drawing upside-down.

6. Often the “boss” screams at you for no apparent reason.
5. You are frequently interrupted mid-task to do something else.
4. Sometimes your “boss” engages in bizarre behavior including standing on the coffee table and
accepts nothing less than a hostage negotiation tactic to be talked down from said coffee table.

3. You are often not allowed to shower before work.
2. Your “boss” does not like to negotiate or compromise.

And the number one reason that staying home is hard:

1. Coffee “break?” I don’t think so!

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