Through the land of Twitter, I was introduced to Lorraine Regel and Erica Wells, authors of The Survival Guide For Rookie Moms. I immediately loved the title of their book as well as logo for the guide:

I wanted to know more about The Survival Guide For Rookie Moms and the authors, who are from one of my favorite countries. Yes, you guessed it, Canada! Lorraine and Erica gladly agreed to answer some questions about their upcoming book.

1. Lorraine and Erica, tell us about yourselves!

We are both mothers of boys age 2 and girls age 5. Our kids are our pride and joy and were truly the inspiration for our upcoming book. The stories that you will read throughout the book are driven from our own experiences….the good, bad and the ugly.

2. How did you two meet?

Lorraine: Erica worked with my husband at a telecommunications company in Vancouver and I eventually began working there as well. Erica’s husband also works there so we were destined to all meet and become friends. As we were new to Canada Erica was kind enough to take us under her wing and welcome us into her extensive social circle where we made many great Canadian friends. Erica and I clicked instantly and had so much in common so our friendship flourished even after we both left the company. By pure lucky coincidence we both became pregnant with our little girls within 3 months of each other and when the girls were about a year old we decided to embark on this project of writing a parenting book together.

3. What is The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms?

Our book does what many other parenting resources avoid like the plague: it gives the frank facts about the first year of motherhood and doesn’t gloss over the gory details. Our chapters are divided by body part rather than chronology – because babies follow their own timetable. It’s an informative yet humorous and fun guide which focuses on both mother and child when it comes to development and well-being in the first year of motherhood.

4. What shocked you the most about motherhood?

Erica: How hard it was! I did a lot of research on becoming a mother and of course read a ton about the ins and outs of becoming a mom….but, nothing can really prepare you for the way a baby will change every aspect of your life… a wonderful way of course, but difficult all the same.

5. Do you love Canada?

Erica: I love Canada! I am Canadian and absolutely love my homeland. Especially during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games….Go Canada Go!!!

Lorraine: I was born in England and decided to move to Vancouver in 1999 for maybe a couple of years, but it was such a beautiful, fantastic place to live that 10 years and 2 kids later we were still there. I would have stayed, but the pull of family when you have two small children is just too great, so we made the decision to move back to England last June. I miss my Canadian friends and the lifestyle we enjoyed in Vancouver. Watching the Olympics on TV brought a tear to my eye.

6. What do you want moms to take away from your book?

We want moms-to-be to feel prepared for motherhood – we tell them all the things no one ever tells you. Our book is truthful which means we’re also uncovering the less pleasant parenting moments, but we want moms to laugh while they read about all the wonderful, scary and life altering experiences ahead. We hope new moms will view our book as a friend they turn to for advice.

7. When is your book coming out? Where can we buy it?

Our book will be in bookstores across Canada and the US from April 15th, perfect timing for people looking a first Mothers’ Day gift for a new mom or mom-to-be. It’s already available for pre-order online at, and If you know anyone about to have a baby don’t forget, The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms is the perfect baby shower gift!

To learn more about The Survival Guide For Rookie Moms click on the logo below!

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