I recently read the New York Times article about mom bloggers. The article talks about the fact that mom blogging has become more about making money rather than sharing experiences in motherhood.

For my part, I love to write. It excites me to connect with other moms, share stories and experiences.

If I happen to find a product that I feel other people could use or benefit from, I’ll let people know. But the central reason I’m here is that I love to write. If other people read what I have to say, that’s great!

I believe this article short changes the women out there who are still genuinely reaching out to one another and sharing motherhood experiences. I know it’s hard to believe, in this consumerist-based society, but not everyone is selling something.

Now, if you ARE selling something, I have nothing against you (in fact, I admire that kind of entrepreneurship) I’m just not.

For all you moms out there who are sharing your motherhood experiences please continue to do so!

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