Last night, my son drove around his new car that Wilhelm (his dad) found on the street:

After he drove his new ride for a while, he returned to his tried and true friend, The Cozy Coupe. It seemed he believed that if he abandoned the Cozy Coupe, it would be upset. He tried to pay equal attention to both cars. Then it occurred to me! The Cozy Coupe is a “New School” car and the street car is an “Old School” car!

And so we return to the initial purpose of this blog (this one’s for you Mike I. McClelland! who believes- correctly- that I have forgotten about my mission statement) which is integrating the old school concepts, objects and ideas with the new school concepts, objects and ideas.

Ari, here, shows us that we can love what is old and what is new. We don’t have to choose.