I want to record my dream from last night, before I forget it. I dreamed that I was subbing for Kindergarten at this fancy public school that housed a lot of yuppie parents. I entered the school and went to the cafeteria to pick the kids up. But when I got there, there were a bunch of kids standing at the entrance to the cafeteria, waiting to walk in.

I attempted to step through the cafeteria doors, but the kids (who were waiting) stopped me.
“No no! You’re not allowed to go in there. There are too many people already in there. Only one person at a time is allowed in.”

I glanced into the cafeteria and there were a handful of teachers in there already as well as a few classes of kids waiting to be picked up and brought to their classrooms.

“But I’m a teacher,” I told the kids ” I’m allowed to go in there.”

The kids vehemently shook their heads as I cut through the sea of children and entered the cafeteria to get my class. When I got into the cafeteria, my class was gone. There was a stern looking man standing there.

“You’re not supposed to come in here!” He shouted at me.
“But I’m a sub for kindergarten,” I said “I have to pick up my class!”
“They’re already in the room.” He replied with the same stern expression.

Magically, I was transported beneath a ladder leading to a loft bed. At the top of the bed was the kindergarten class I was covering, and the permanent teacher.

“Hi!” She said. “Sorry about the confusion! Come on up.” With that she motioned to the ladder.

I placed my feet on the ladder to climb up. On each rung of the ladder were Polaroid pictures of each child in the kindergarten class. As I climbed the ladder I saw more and more children. I realized that I’d covered this class before.

When I got to the top of the ladder I saw the permanent teacher’s face and a few children engaged in collaborative play with blocks. Then I woke up!

What does it mean? Thoughts?