In the past week I’ve received several emails (and even text messages) that were sent to me by “accident.” I’ve begun to find them amusing.

  • One email was an invitation to 90th birthday party with a woman sharing my last name: Fader. I’ve never met her.
  • Another was a text message addressed to “Komar” received on my cell phone about a potentially valuable stock trade in process!
  • Yet another was a cancellation to a meeting. “I’m sorry I have to cancel our meeting tomorrow.” This was from a kindergarten teacher. Sent to the wrong Sarah. She works at my school.
  • Then there’s the daily call with an “important message” for “Luis Oliverio.” I keep telling this particular creditor that Mr. Oliverio does not reside here, unless he’s hiding under my couch and I haven’t noticed him.
  • Another was a message from a high school telling me that my son, Luis Riveria, has been absent for too many days in a row. I wasn’t aware that I gave birth to a one “Luis Riveria.”
  • The last was from an email from my business partner telling me that she can’t wait to “catch up!”

It’s been a busy week over here! I can’t wait to see who else I hear from!

Have you ever been mistakenly contacted? Tell me about it!

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