I got a strange email from FreshDirect.com (an online grocery ordering service here in New York City) yesterday. Here’s the gist of it:

Dear Sarah,

Oops. We sent you an email and offer you should not have received earlier today. That email – titled “What’s Good: Get $20 Free Food, Plus New Garlic & Lime Rotisserie Chicken.” – mentioned an offer which, alas, you are not eligible for. We would like to make up for our mistake by waiving the delivery fee on your next order (or adding an extra week to your DeliveryPass). Simply enter code FREEDEL74 when you checkout before February 15.

Our apologies,

The Customer Service Team at FreshDirect

Needless to say, this email bugged me. They gave me a generous coupon, realized it was too generous, and then took it back. This is just bad manners.

So I called FreshDirect on their lack of etiquette. Here’s what I said to them:


I am really upset that this offer was given to me and taken away. Sorry, but the free delivery fee is not going to cut it. I deserve to have the original offer of $20 Free Food and the Garlic Lime Rotisserie Chicken. I have been a FreshDirect customer for years at this point, and it is not right to deprive me of an offer that you already sent me.

Thank You,

Sarah Fader