My son has grown used to his new bed. He likes it, for the most part. But there are some nights when he just doesn’t want to go to sleep at all.

Tonight was one of those nights. I tucked him in around 7pm-ish with his army of stuffed animals after reading the Goodnight Moon Counting book:

A present given to him by his Aunt Mint and Uncle Mike and Mike’s mom, Marleen.

We finished reading the book, I sang him a bit of Kumbaya, kissed him goodnight and closed the door.

As soon as the door shut, he began to cry. I walked away from his room and retreated into my bedroom to see if he would fall asleep. Exactly one minute later I heard banging coming from my son’s bedroom. I ran to see what the commotion was.

When I got to the source of the din, I watched in amazement as my child shook the two doors to his room with such profound force that they spontaneous shot open revealing a frenetic yet accomplished looking toddler.

It was clear to me that from that moment on that I could not out smart him.