One of the challenges of stroller walking is the inevitable human urge to go to the bathroom. Today I was headed home (with my son in his stroller) from a marathon playdate with my friend Gry and her son Luka. All of a sudden, I had to use the bathroom so badly that I thought I was going to explode.

I mean, I was literally sweating, I had to go so badly. I was walking at a furious pace, hoping to find a restaurant that I could manipulate into letting me use their facilities. Unfortunately, I was in an exclusively residential neighborhood with no bathrooms in sight, only brownstones.

Insanity took over. I saw a young woman standing in the doorway of the basement part of a brownstone. She was engaged in conversation with a slightly older woman. All at once I involuntarily blurted out:

“Excuse me, I am so sorry, but I really need to use the bathroom. Can I please use your bathroom before I explode?”

They were both stunned.

The older woman spoke first:
“Umm….I’ll let you handle this one.” She said to the younger woman. And with that she disappeared into the residential neighborhood.

The younger woman was so thrown off by my inappropriate request that she ushered me into the brownstone and let me use her restroom while she watched my son who was sitting in the stroller just outside the building.

When I entered the building, I discovered that this was not someone’s house, but rather a daycare facility! I didn’t feel as badly for barging in when I found out that it wasn’t a home.

There were toddlers running about joyfully playing with one another.

I finished up in the restroom and profusely thanked the staff of the daycare center for letting me relieve myself and went on my merry way home.