I recently wrote about about my computer’s untimely demise. See post here. Dell was of absolutely no help and insisted that my computer is having a “software issue” and even though it is under warranty the only thing they can do is wipe it clean (erase all the data) and reinstall the software.

In an attempt to salvage data, which includes precious photos and videos of my son, I decided to send it on to my pal Byron (who does techie stuff) in Canada.

He graciously offered to try to fix it, or at least attempt to retrieve my the photos and videos from the possibly dead lap top.

My boyfriend gets a discount with Fed Ex through his job. So I decided to ship the computer internationally through them. I have had sucess with them domestically, so I figured why not?

Well, it has been a disaster! When I shipped the computer, they told me at the Fed Ex store that they do ship to P.O.Boxes in Canada when you include a valid phone number for the recipient. Logically, I included a valid phone number for the recipient.

Yet, I received a call from Fed Ex International stating:

“Hello Ms. Fader, we do not ship to P.O.Boxes. Please provide a physical address for your package.”

So I called Fed Ex International and asked them:

“Do you or do you not ship to P.O. Boxes?”

Their response:

“Yes. We do ship to P.O.Boxes in Canada. But you didn’t provide a valid phone number on your air bill.” I did provide a valid phone number on the air bill.

I wanted to scream. Anyway, I called them later to ask them where my package was. Their response:

“We don’t ship to P.O.Boxes in Canada.”

I am not kidding.

So I gave in. My recipient gave me a physical address. I called Fed Ex to track the package today. Their response:

THEM:”Your package is with an OUT OF DELIVERY AGENT.”
ME: What does that mean? Where is my lap top in time and space?
THEM: Well, it’s in transit.
ME: So what you’re saying is you don’t know where my computer is. You have no idea.
THEM: Hold one moment please.

Also, a mysterious charge for 13.99 appeared from Fed Ex on my bank statement today!

Needless to say I am extremely disatisfied and would not recomend shipping anything internationally to Canada with Fed Ex. I want my time, energy…oh yeah and my money back!