As I sit in the airport waiting to board a plane that is delayed, I am taking the time to write about curse words. Since about the 4th grade, I am ashamed to admit, I have been an avid curse word producer. You name it, it came out of my 10 year old mouth.

One would think that having a child would have stopped my potty mouth, but no, I continue to use these vulgar words on a regular basis.

My sister-in-law uses substitutes for curses. I like this idea. Here are some that I have compiled for general usage. I hope you all can exclaim these to stop yourself from yelling F you!

1. Motther Hubbard!
2. Shut the Front Door!
3. Jimminy Christmas!
4. What the Foo?
5. Fudge!
6. What the Funk?!

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