Yesterday afternoon I attended the baby shower of someone I didn’t know at all. It was a fascinating experience. I think this picture summarizes it best:

Truly, it was all a blur. I knew none of the guests nor the guest of honor. And I think the most surreal part of the experience was that I brought an actual baby to the baby shower. The whole time I kept thinking I wanted to stand up on a chair, point to my son and say “Exhibit A! This will be your child in one year!”

My boyfriend was my connection to this particular shower an he was off helping his friend (the male counter part of the guest of honor) during the majority of the event. So I was left to my own devices to people watch and eat West Indian and Spanish food.

My son entertained himself by attempting to collect all of the pink and purple balloons. I attempted to make conversation with women I didn’t know at all. I think he had the easier of the two tasks.

The women wanted nothing to do with me. And believe me I tried. I was mentally and emotionally sweating by the end of this thing.

I asked the mother of a two year old if her daughter still threw tantrums. I offered up first that my son was still a tantrum offender. Her response was a monosyllabic:

“Yes.” And then she turned away from me and started to talking to her friend.

I was getting desperate. My son smiled at a woman who happened to be sitting next to me. So I took this as a chance to make conversation. I casually joked:

“Uh oh. I think he’s flirting with you!”
She smirked, and turned back to her food and began talking to her real friend.

Did I smell bad? Was I wearing the wrong shirt? Why wouldn’t they talk to me?

In the end, I accepted the fact that I was an outsider at this event. And there was nothing I could do to change my status.

But I will say, the food was quite excellent.