I was perusing the Brooklyn Public library’s website for children’s events, and I came upon a free children’s music concert. The band playing was called “Recess Monkey.” BPL described the event as: “a fun concert of goofy original and educational songs for children.” Sounded good to me!

I forwarded the event on to Josina and Nelson. They wanted to come too! I managed to drag both my parents and my niece too. We didn’t know what to expect, but once the concert started all attendees were groovin’ to the music.

Recess Monkey is composed of three band members, Andrew, Daron and Jack. All the guys are school teachers from Seattle and their songs are inspired from their work with children. Their songs are goofy and esoteric with titles like “Marshmallow Farm” and “Bubble Factory.”

I particularly loved their song “Haven’t Got a Pet Yet.” Jack began the song by asking the audience:

“So, I have a question for you guys: who here doesn’t have a pet but really wants one?”

Several of the kids in the audience screamed affirmative answers.
“This song is for you guys!”

Then they busted into song:
“Susie’s got a pet, Johnny’s got a pet, but I haven’t got a pet yet!”

The concert was great! Nelson was bouncing and grooving out to the music. Ari, my son, loved the music too, but unfortunately he missed his afternoon nap so by the end of the show he was a bit cranky.

Recess Monkey’s music is fun and engaging for both children and adults. They have a straight up rock-n-roll style that makes you want to dance and sing out loud.

As soon as the concert ended, Josina and I ran up to the guys and thanked them for the show. We took a few pictures with them; but alas my mom’s camera phone failed me and the pictures all came out blurry.

After the photo shoot, Nelson ran the length of the auditorium with Josina in tow, and I promptly purchased Recess Monkey’s CD. I actually asked Daron which CD he recommended I start out with. He recommended: “Field Trip.”

All in all everyone had a great time; it was an awesome show. For more information on Recess Monkey, visit their website here.