As the mother of a 14 month old, I am always on the move. Whether I am taking my son out on a marathon stroller walk in Prospect Park or working as a substitute teacher for the New York City Department of Education, I am constantly on my feet. I realized that I needed a shoe that would keep up with all of my activities.

Over the years I have heard people talk about Naot shoes; how comfortable they are and how they last for years on end.

My curiosity was piqued one day, yet again, when I was substitute teaching at an elementary school on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. I was conversing with a kindergarten teacher and I immediately noticed her shoes. I couldn’t look away, these were seriously the coolest shoes I had ever seen! They were a Mary Jane style but they stood out because they had a unique swirl design on the toe.

It was “shoe love” at first sight. I had to have these shoes. So I asked this teacher what these unique looking shoes were called. She told me that they were made by Naot and the style was called Sea. I was on a mission to find these shoes.

I wrote to Yaleet Inc., the makers of Naot shoes. I told them about my mom blog and asked them if I might have the opportunity to review a pair of the Naot Sea style. To my surprise and delight Stephanie from Yaleet Inc. wrote back and happily sent me a sample pair of shoes to try!

When the box arrived from Yaleet Inc. I was thrilled. I excitedly tore it open and it revealed the shoes I had fallen in love with.

I immediately put the Naot Sea shoes on and proceeded to take my son on one of our notorious stroller walks. I met my friend Josina and her son Nelson and we headed to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I walked and walked in these shoes and I must tell you they were up to the challenge. I felt comfortable on my feet the whole day. It was quite a hot day at the Garden and I was not wearing socks, but my feet did not sweat at all. I was impressed.

Nelson seems to enjoy them almost as much as I did.

From my experience, I can say that the Naot Sea style is a perfect shoe for an active mother. It is stylish and exceptionally comfortable. It will hold up to a day of stroller walking, grocery shopping, and toddler chasing.

Let me take it one step further. Not only is it a wonderful shoe for mothers, but I believe it is also a great shoe for educators. Teachers are constantly on their feet; whether it is lecturing in front of a classroom or mediating a conflict on the playground, teachers are inherently on the go. It would be great for them to have a shoe that keeps up with their vigorous activity. I believe the Naot Sea is a shoe that can do this.

If you’re an active mother, a hard-working teacher, or someone who is always on the go, I recommend that you check out the Naot Sea. It is a stylish and durable shoe that will not disappoint.

For more information on Yaleet Inc. and Naot shoes visit their website: here.