Yesterday, my mom friend and I took our kids to Story Time at the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza.

My favorite librarian was there facilitating the program. She let the kids play for 30 minutes and then she read us three stories. Our kids listened eagerly and attentively. After the program was over the librarian’s friendly smile turned into a solemn look.

“Thank you all for coming today,” she began “I want you to know that the library is facing large budget cuts and currently over 300 jobs are going to be lost including mine. The library hours will be cut drastically. This library will only be open between 1pm – 6pm. Also, programs like these will no longer be available. If you want to stop this from happening, sign our petition at the front desk.”

As soon as I left the Story Time room, I bolted (stroller in tow) to the desk to sign the petition against the library budget cuts. I felt good about signing the petition, but I want to do more.

The library is an incredible free resource for parents and their children. Its a place to take your child to enrich their life. You can take your son or daughter to one of the library’s free Early Childhood programs or just come to the library and hang out. To loose this capability would be devastating.

What can we do? Call 311 and tell the operator that you want the library to stay as it is: a resource for parents and their children. A place where children and adults a like can read or experience wonderful programs that will enrich their lives. Tell the operator that Mayor Bloomberg is making a huge mistake by making these budget cuts.

Save the library!