I went to sleep late last night. I’m talking late, like midnight late. My son had been asleep since 7pm and for some reason I could not get myself to wind down.

Finally, after watching massive amounts of television, I knocked out. My boyfriend stumbled home from his overnight shift at the airport at 5am. I woke up abruptly to him standing in the bedroom doorway:

“Babe! You know the door is wide open?!” He said pointing to the doorway of the bedroom.

He was right.

I sat up immediately.

“Oh my G-d!” I shouted. My first thought was: the cats! Generally, we keep the bedroom doors closed so the cats can’t come into the room at night.

“Go check on the baby!” I exclaimed.

My boyfriend rushed over to my son’s crib to find a sleeping baby next to…a sleeping cat. They were curled up next to one another comfortably. I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or scream at that point; so I let my boyfriend deal with the situation. He promptly removed Egreck, my cat, from the crib, and we all went back to sleep.

Pictured above is the illustrious crib hopper.