It was Passover time. My best friend came over with some kosher for passover egg noodles to make for me, my niece, and herself. She cooked them in curry with a little broccoli.

The thought didn’t even occur to me that my son would be remotely interested in the final product. But he was!

When he saw this curry noodle casserole, he looked as though he hadn’t eaten in days. So we let him have some. Within seconds, he was shoveling handfuls of it into his mouth.

Honestly, I was thrilled. I had been trying to get him to recognize that broccoli was food, and not a toy for months. Maybe all he needs is a little curry? I thought to myself.

Boy was I wrong.

That evening, my boyfriend and I went to sleep, as usual. We awakened 5:45am to a screaming baby.

“Why is he up so early?” I asked my boyfriend in my foggy sleepy state.

My boyfriend went to change our son’s diaper, his daily morning duty. But then I heard him exclaim

“Oh no! This is bad!”

I shot up out of bed to see what was going on.

I kid you not, my son was covered from head to toe in poop. Literally, from his head to his feet, there was poop everywhere.

I was so confused. I changed him into a new diaper before he went to sleep. Then I realized what it was:

The curry! He must have eaten too much of it and exploded as a result.

So, we gave him a bath at 6am. I was barely functional but it turned out fine.

Later I wrote my best friend an email telling her what happened.

Beware of massive amounts of curry! They may make your baby explode.