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What shit to buy for people this holiday season from people I like

Hello everyone, Here is a list of people to buy things from for this holiday season: Schizophrenic NYC - Awesome clothing and artwork that promotes mental health awareness and fights against stigma Check out her shop! Here's some info from the creator, my girl, Michelle Hammer: "Schizophrenic.NYC was created, founded, & designed by Michelle Hammer, a SchizophrenicNew Yorker who wants to make a difference in the way the mentally ill homeless are treated in NYC as well as change the way New Yorkers feel about mental illness.  The concept behind the designs is that when the unmedicated person with Schizophrenia looks at a basic regular Rorschach test they see it with a whole different perspective.  By redesigning the test with new colors and patterns, now everyone looks at the test with a whole new perspective. Worse than having Schizophrenia, is being Schizophrenic or have any mental illness and being homeless. There is nothing that upsets us more than seeing mentally ill people living on the streets of NYC. We want this to change now. Together we can make a difference. With every purchase made a portion of our profits get donated to organizations around NYC that support the struggle of the mentally ill homeless.  Together we can make a [...]

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Should therapy last until you die?

The short answer to this question is: no. I know that people love to see their therapists. It feels good to be understood and validated. I get it, and I want to say this: yes, you're right and you are entitled to those feelings. Listen, after I see my therapist I feel awesome. She hears me, gives me homework, and is, in general, a wonderful human being. Sometimes we disagree on things but we talk about it when we do. It's so important to have an open and honest dialogue with your therapist. You want to be able to be yourself with them. The more you hide from your therapist, the less effective your treatment will be. It's important to make sure that you're an honest person in therapy so that your therapist knows you, otherwise what is the point of going to see them? Even though I believe therapy is great, I believe the best sort of therapy is time-limited. There are different forms of therapy that do last long periods of time, like psychoanalysis. And then there are shorter ones like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). It depends on your individual needs. One reason, sadly, that therapy shouldn't last [...]

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When you ask for what you want, you might get it

As a child, teenager and young adult, I found it hard to ask for what I wanted. It was difficult for me to believe that my opinion matters enough to do that. I had wants and feelings but believing that anyone wanted to hear them was a different story. I was afraid that if I asked for what I wanted that the other person wouldn't give it to and/or they would be angry at me. I'm not sure why I thought this, but because I had this core belief I held my wants and needs inside. I swallowed them, literally, and it ended up resulting in me getting an ulcer. I realized that this wasn't a sustainable way to live. If I wanted to be healthy I needed to change how I was communicating with the people in my life. As hard as it was for me, I started (little by little) to express my feelings. It was hard at first because I was afraid. I was fearful that they wouldn't care about how I felt or that they would be upset with me. The hardest part of this process was accepting whatever the reaction the person had. I had [...]

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When someone makes you feel invisible

When someone makes you feel invisible it is an awful feeling. I know that feeling well. I want them to see me, but as much as i try to make it happen, they simply cannot. I want them to tell me I'm beautiful but they look right through me. It breaks my heart into thousands of pieces and those shards fall to the floor. Still they cannot see me no matter how broken and hurting I am. I am not a tragedy, I am a person, but that doesn't matter to them. You don't have to accept invisiblity as an identity. You don’t have to stay in that realm forever. Today I felt invisible and it was painful. Today I felt like my feelings didn’t matter and it consumed every single cell in my body. I was boiling with frustration and anger, and I was triggered to the core. Those feelings are real but they don’t have to control me forever. Unfortunately it’s the people that are closest to us that can have the power to make us feel like we are unseen. When I feel invisible it’s because I am expressing myself and I don’t feel heard. My voice [...]

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I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I’m already grown up and I still don’t know what I want to be. When I was a child I wanted to be a writer; that’s all I could think about. I had visions of signing books at bookstores and writing for a living. Little did I know that writing is not a lucrative career. I didn’t care about money when I was a child because I didn’t realize that you need to make money to survive. My parents (being the hippies that they were) encouraged me to pursue what I was passionate about, which was writing. Writing is the only thing that I’ve ever been confident at and sometimes I think that I’m not even that great of a writer. No, I’m not fishing for compliments. But, I was 25 when I finally learned to use a semicolon correctly. Growing up in New York City there were no classes in school to learn how to employ practical life skills like budgeting or finding a job. I wish they had had these things because I still don’t know how to do them. There were counselors within the school [...]

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ADHD is real 

ADHD is real ADHD is a real mental health issue. I am not lazy, I am not stupid, I am distracted. I sometimes can’t find my keys or have to ask people where other things are because my brain is going round and round in circles. Here are some common misconceptions about adults with ADHD: We are lazy. We are not lazy we are overwhelmed. There are massive amounts of anxiety associated with ADHD. So your brain cannot focus on one thing for long periods of time and it’s hard to be a person. We are disorganized. Well, that one might be true. I had limited executive functioning skills but I am working on it and I hired an assistant. We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses. And I know that executive functioning is difficult for me so I decided to take a step and have someone help me. But calling someone disorganized doesn’t actually help them it just makes them feel bad about themselves. People with ADHD are stupid. This is just ridiculous and there have been multiple studies that show that this is not true actually it is quite the contrary many people with ADHD [...]

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I’m finally okay by myself

I never thought I would say this, but I am okay with myself. Of course, I'll never truly be alone because I have two kids. But, I feel confident for the first time in my entire life. I remember asking my uncle if he was confident and he said in all honesty that his confidence fluctuates. I used to feel like that was the case for me, but now that I have a better understanding of who I am, regardless of my anxiety disorder, I feel more confident. Anxiety definitely messes with me and so does OCD, but I finally feel like I can handle it. I can deal with the intrusive thoughts because 1. I am on the right medications and 2. I know myself and I like myself. There will undoubtedly be days when I get frustrated with myself because we all have those days. Some people are more honest about them than others. Truth be told, I have in my life wanted other people to fix me. I've known this for a long time and I've been transparent about it. This is something that I've discussed in a therapeutic setting with partners. I know now that I am [...]

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I’m Psyched to be giving away @EffinBirds SHIT – Sincerely @TheSarahFader

I was complaining about inspirational quotes on Twitter and one of my Twitter buddies said something to the effect of "I hate inspirational quotes, I look at EffinBirds instead." Well, it took me three seconds to look at their account and I was hooked. There are pictures of elegant birds saying "fuck" in various contexts. The birds say shit like "I know what will solve this problem, more fucking meetings."   Now, if this wasn't awesome enough in itself, I learned that the creator of this company is Canadian. If you know me at ALL you know that I love Canadians. Every time I read any of the artwork that Effin' Birds have created, I laugh so fucking hard. I want them to be insanely famous. I reached out to them and explained that I was their biggest fan and probably scared the shit out of Aaron Reynolds. Somehow he's still talking to me though. I asked if I could do a giveaway of their shit on my blog. Aaron (the creator/artist) said yes. So Joe, the customer service guy send me some shit that I liked to show you how awesome it is. Now, you KNOW you want to [...]

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I probably talk about my relationships too much

  I’ve been living on the Internet for around nine years. I probably talk about my relationships too much online. And I don’t mean my online friends I mean my real life relationships with regard to romantic issues. I am not good at being in romantic relationships because they trigger my trust issues with people. I’ve been in couples counseling many times in my life, but not before getting married. And although it does help me it is not the answer to my psychological issues  with regard to partnership. I love to be loved and I feel like that’s a human emotion that we all want. I have talked about self-love on my blog a lot and I believe it’s important to embrace loving yourself. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want a partner in life. I want to be in a relationship where I am loved and appreciated for who I am. And I know that that sort of connection is out there. In someways I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me talking about my relationships. I just don’t want to expose the people involved because that isn’t necessarily fair to them. And I have had the people [...]

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Being Social on Thanksgiving

Being social on any holiday is hard for me. I'm naturally an introvert and holidays make me nervous. Well, many things make me nervous, but holidays are a big trigger for me. This year, my family is visiting me in Portland and we're having a small Thanksgiving, which is the way I prefer to celebrate. When there are 18 people gathered around a table it makes me incredibly nervous. I love eating, and I kind of just want to focus on doing that rather than navigating between multiple people sitting with me at a table. There are so many different personalities to handle at once. I can barely figure out what the food options are and now I have to talk about my life. It's the worst when I haven't actually accomplished anything recently and I have nothing exciting to report. The easiest thing to do is to focus on the other person rather than talk about myself. But even that is exhausting. I have to come up with clever questions to ask them and then because I have ADHD I have to make myself focus on what they're saying. It's not that I'm uninterested, it's that my brain has [...]

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When the school system fails children with ADHD

Recently, I've been dealing with the school system in Oregon. I just came from the public school system in New York City, where there is a lot of bureaucracy and red tape. I have been a substitute teacher for the NYC Department of Education for many years. I've worked in inclusion classrooms where some of the kids have IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) and some of them are considered "general education." The kids who have IEPs have different educational needs and therefore need accommodations due to their plans. Currently, my son has an IEP, but he is not receiving the accommodations that he needs. He has focusing issues, just like me, and was just diagnosed with ADHD. It seems the teachers in this state do not understand how to deal with children with mental health concerns. I have explained to the school many times that he has ADHD and he needs certain accommodations to help him focus. But, they keep saying that he is work avoidant. They keep trying to put forth the idea that he is not doing what he's supposed to do on purpose. This is a common misconception about ADHD. I have had people think the same thing about me. [...]

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Moving Across The Country Made Me Feel Lonely

When I moved to Portland I felt alone. It was hard being here without my parents and my close friends. For the first two months I was here I cried a lot. I called my one of my best friends in NY crying, telling her I wanted to come home, that I made a mistake. The truth is I was scared. I was terrified that I couldn’t do it, that my impulsivity would fail me. I didn’t know how I was going to make it work.I called my childhood best friend/sister and said “The thought of giving up and going back to New York feels like a relief. Is that bad?” She said she completely understood. After I called my friends and family crying every day for a while, they began to get frustrated. My best friend said “I love you but you need to do this on your own. I am here to support you, but don’t be afraid to be independent.” She was right. I was mad at her at first but she was being a good friend. I felt like I didn’t have the skill set to be here, make money, care for my kids and manage [...]

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The Truth Truly Does Hurt

Anytime that I've grown as a person, it's because someone told me the truth regardless of whether or not it hurt my feelings. It's easy to appease someone's ego by telling them that they're wonderful and everything they're doing is awesome. But, the real growth comes when you are able to hear what you need to work on. Recently, I've been dealing with some harsh truths about myself.  It's difficult when people point out what's causing you trouble in your life, however, it ultimately helps you, or it helps me. Sometimes the truth, coming from someone you care about, can bring you to tears. On the other hand, sometimes people seem like they are giving you constructive criticism when in reality they are trying to put you down. And that's not about you, that's about them. But I'm focusing on the times that the harsh truth has helped me. In order to change, the people that love me the most have dropped some major truth bombs on me. I needed to grow up, I needed to stop being co-dependent, I need to be more financially responsible. All of those things were true, and I'm working on those things. It's hard [...]

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Thinking About Something 100 Times Doesn’t Solve The Problem

The way my brain works is weird. I guess that's a simplistic way to put it. I'm not sure about other people's brains, but I know a whole lot about mine. It goes and goes and goes. I remember as a child and a teenager thinking constantly. Thoughts were always going on in there. I believed that that's the way people were. They just thought and thought. But, most people don't think as much or as often as I do. It's been a part of what sets me apart from other people and I accept that...sometimes. Thinking is exhausting, but it's what I do I guess, a lot in fact. The trouble comes when the thoughts are repetitive. When I'm obsessing about something or someone that's when I resent how much I'm thinking. I want the thoughts to leave me alone so I can sleep or at least just function. When you're always thinking, it's not possible to do anything else BUT think. To the people around you, you appear quiet, possibly withdrawn, but you're so wrapped up in your own head that you can't engage with them. I've had friends and family ask me if I was still "here?" [...]

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OCD and ADHD are Friends

Upon finding out that I had OCD, I have to say I wasn't necessarily surprised, but I was depressed. I didn't want to admit it to myself. In a way, I was relieved, because I had been misdiagnosed for so many years and now I knew what the hell was wrong with me. I could now start working on what the hell was right with me. I could be creative and tell stories to the people who need to hear them. I could articulate my feelings to my therapist. Whereas, before I got my real diagnosis, I wasn't able to do these things well. My therapist said I was surviving, struggling even, but not living. It was a brutal period for me. But I'm moving into a relaxed/happier part of my life. It's a relief to feel happy after an intense period of anxiety that seemed unrelenting. There's some great news about my new/old friends OCD and ADHD, they get along surprisingly well. I'm not making this up. I was told by a therapist who specializes in ADHD that my OCD wants to organize things and make sure they're in the same place. Then when my ADHD forgets where the [...]

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