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I Hear Me

He can't hear me but I have a voice and it is powerful, brave and strong and I stopped using it. It's still in there though. I am beautiful, I am brave, I am tenacious, and I know what I want. Sometimes I speak into my own microphone and talk to myself. I tell myself how I can make it. I remind myself how much I have endured and why this is an opportunity to grow and change. Some people insist that human beings don't change. I have learned, I have grown and I will continue to make great strides toward being the best version of me. I see you standing there and I don't have the obligation to heal you. I do want to heal me. That's what I want. It is necessary that I look inside myself and find the hardest strongest piece of me and hang onto it. Both hands tightly wrapped around this crystallized part of me. My eyes closed, praying, locked in meditation. Waiting for the moment when it is safe to open them. I can do this. I can feel those feelings that used to haunt me, terrify me, and now they don't scare [...]

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I am Free

There was a time when I was imprisoned by myself. I could feel my hands on the bars and my heart stuck between them; I was not free. My heart was tangled in ropes. I couldn't stand up I was doubled over in pain. Stuck to my prison cell I did not know if I would ever get out. The length of my criminal sentence was unclear.  I put myself in this prison and I didn't allow myself an accurate time of how long I would be in this dirty dank cell. Part of me wanted to leave and part of me didn't know if it was possible to. My body and my mind hurt. I remember how the sun looked and almost how it tasted. I longed to chase the sun's rays and feel the warmth on my back. After some time I grew tired of sitting in the cell and I knew it was time to leave. But I didn't know how or when or why or who would get me out of there.I grew frustrated with sitting there not knowing when I would go. Wanting, yearning, needing to be with another. And then… It dawned on me [...]

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Talking or Not

I feel the urge bubbling up inside my belly. I want to talk about all the things that are on my mind, but I don't want those things to overpower me. I don't want to become the things that are bothering me. They are like tiny little demons who want to consume my mind. If they materialize and make it from my stomach through my esophagus and out of my mouth, what will I say? I don't want to offend anyone, and I'm so good at that. It should be a special skill on a resume at this point. I know that I need to talk to someone and I'm crashing down out of this hot air balloon waiting for it to explode with words in my face. I'll have to catch those words or else they might find another candidate to bother and thrust my words upon. It's difficult to see outside of yourself. It's challenging to find how this will change me, what do I do if I talk? Who is listening to me besides BetterHelp ? Maybe a lot of people are. But it's not something I can quantify. I can only attest to the fact that I have [...]

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Save Us

I tried to save us. Several times Maybe you didn't know or your hands were over your ears Perhaps you didn't want to hear me as we sat on that couch together listening to the therapist. I didn't want to hear you speak because I was so focused on telling you what my opinions were on our relationship. I refused to see through your lens. It wasn't my problem; it was yours. And I wanted to see you as an evil super villain when in reality, you are just a man. You are a man who I still love deeply, despite the fact that your eyes are closed and your heart is broken or tucked away in a box. It's like I can see you and you can't see me, and it's sad and heartbreaking and real. I've always known that you were kind. I've seen you be good with animals and children. That made my heart open and swell. It was like we were connected in this unspeakable way and I wanted to crawl inside that soft place. There were glimpses of that vulnerability that you showed me. Sometimes I could see it and other times I didn't want to [...]

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How to Talk to Your Child About Mental Illness

My children (who are nine and six) know that I have anxiety and depression. They don't know those words, but I explain them in a child-friendly way when I am experiencing symptoms of each of those mental health issues. When I am anxious, I tell the kids "Mommy is feeling nervous right now. She needs to breathe for a moment." I verbalize my feelings so my kids are not afraid of what's going on. I think one of the best things you can do when talking to your kids about mental health issues is to be transparent. Transparency is key because children are incredibly perceptive and more than we give them credit for. They see and hear a lot of what we're up to and that includes our mental health issues. With depression it is tricky, and we need to be mindful that crying can be alarming to our kids. They may not understand why I am crying. I assure my kids that crying is a part of life. It's perfectly normal to experience sadness and let it out in the form of tears.  I am tender in the way that I explain depression to my kids. I say things like: "Mommy [...]

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Be Better

Be Better I woke up this morning feeling a little bit better. My heart was still racing but I believe there is something to look forward to. No fuck that, I know there is something to look forward to. It lies within me. I am the master of my own destiny. I make the choices that contribute to me and my happiness. It does scare the shit out of me. I'm not going to lie. Lying. I've always been a terrible liar. And when I try to do it people seem to know. So I don't bother trying. Sometimes I will be silent, but I will not tell an untruth. Guilt. Feeling guilty is a waste of time. It doesn't mean that we can't feel those feelings because they happen organically. I want to be OK. And I know that one day I will feel that; even if it is just for a moment. And the reason that I know that is because I'm sitting here on my couch feeling OK in this moment. Everything and I mean everything is going to be all right. Bob Marley was onto something.

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Out of the Cave and in to the Light

Cave I walk into the dark cavernous space holding my flashlight. I try to turn it on but the switch isn't working. It just keeps clicking and my feet start tapping nervously. He is lurking in the shadows of this space. I can hear the shore waves creeping up. The sand is wet outside and I close my eyes wishing that I could be immersed in the ocean so I didn't have to stand up anymore. He's there. But he doesn't say anything. My blood is hot and almost boiling and I can't move my feet because the light won't work and he doesn't love me anymore so what's the point of turning the light on anyway? If he sees me, he'll stare right through me. Even in the dark I know... He is looking through my face I don't matter anymore and I can't handle that. I feel the rage bubbling in my stomach and it runs through my veins. I feel electric, powerful and full of hope. My hand is on fire and the flashlight turns on. I drop it to the ground and shake trying to extinguish the fire. Then I feel it His arms wrap around [...]

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You’ve Never Sat on My Couch

You came to New York on my birthday - 10/17 in 2004. It had to mean something. It had to be a sign. People come into your life for a reason and I miss you. I'll never stop loving you and my whole body feels like broken glass. I don't think you can ever forgive me for how I treated you. But we were fire and fire together, and it exploded, which was sometimes great and other times overwhelming. And I blamed everything on you, which became an imbalance in our connection. I can't take it all back. I can't make it better. I can't fix things. I can't fix us. But I want to. I love you and those words- they mean something to me. The more you tell me you can't hear me and Implicitly say I don't matter, the more I can't feel my face from crying. I want to jump in a time machine and go back to 2014. I want to change that day that everything went to shit. I want to tell you I'm sorry, I'll be more patient. I won't try to make you talk when you don't want to. I won't be [...]

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Broken in Cycles

15 - laying on my couch, wishing I was dead. Thinking that he killed me with his words. I don't know if I love you anymore It wasn't him. It was me. I killed me because I didn't love myself. I was clinically depressed, not eating, sleeping too much, hormonal, waking up with panic attacks, every day, vomiting bile, thinking that there was no reason to exist. If he didn't love me I didn't matter. I didn't know what love was - I thought it meant two parts of something. I believed that you didn't need to love yourself to be loved by another person. None of that mattered to me because I didn't want to be alive. I wanted to close my eyes and never wake up. I kept living and eventually, his rejection didn't matter anymore, or at least I learned to stop picking the scab. It would be years later before I learned what it meant to love myself, to accept who I was, and to believe that I was anyone worth knowing. 34- My marriage disintegrated, and I couldn't figure out who did what. I blamed him, but every bone in my body that "hated" him, actually [...]

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Mother’s Day Amazon Wish List Giving Time

Mother's Day is a holiday rife with pressure to do the "right thing" or get the "right gift. I am taking a cue from my friend Jenny Lawson, who created the idea of Booksgiving. In Booksgiving, people created Amazon Wish Lists that were public and the deal was that people sent strangers a book that was on their wishlist! So here's the deal people: I'm doing the same thing...but for Mother's Day. Create an Amazon wish list and name it "What I want for Mother's Day" or something like that. Get creative! Make the list "public" Make sure to add a "shipping address" to the list. Share it on Twitter and tag me @TheSarahFader I will RT it and we're going to try to get you what you want. Oh hey! Here's my Amazon List! Get me stuff Let's do this! You deserve to be pampered on Mother's Day with presents you actually want! The mothers and their wishes are below. Pick a list, and get a mom something!  Liz/MY MOM - Mint- Eryn - Lea - Can Can - Aria - Sakinah -

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The Night

I used to look forward to the nighttime. When I was a teenager and first experienced panic attacks they were utterly exhausting. I'd wake up each day with my heart racing, sweating profusely, and scared to get out of bed. I did a lot of self-talk to get myself out of bed, but it was brutal. Life was a hail storm for me and it wouldn't relent for several years until I started taking Prozac at age 18. I was part of the "Prozac Nation" generation. The daytime was so difficult for me, and I yearned for it to be over. I think it was because I dreaded living my life. There wasn't anything to be excited about, however, there were so many things to be terrified of. I was scared to face the day because my utter existence frightened me. I didn't want to deal with myself because myself felt overwhelming. I didn't want to live in my head. It was so scary in there, and there were no blankets or sleeping bags or even a night light. As soon as around 5 pm hit, I felt instantly calmer. My body and mind had exhausted themselves and I could [...]

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I'm drowning. I feel the water in my lungs and I want to cough but I can't find a way to get the liquid out of my body. It's disgusting and terrible, but nothing matters anymore so I'll just let go and relent into the pain of now know when or how it'll happen. Maybe you killed me, or I killed myself. I wasn't able to speak about how I was hurting so instead I sunk to the bottom of this lake. So why didn't you come find me? I don't understand. I know I shouldn't have waited for you. You said you had somewhere to be. It's going to be okay here. I can see the minnows and some rocks. I wish I could cry, but I can't because I'm choking on water and I'm surrounded by water anyway. What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you? I'll just lay down for a while and rest my eyes, even though I can't see anything. I like the darkness. I'm scared. Will you save me? I'm chained to the rock. There's electricity in my hands. If I focus hard and long enough I can break these chains and swim to [...]

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What Kind of Asshole Are You?

Did you know that there are different kinds of assholes in the world? Well, I'm here to tell you that there are. Professional Assholes I consider myself to be a professional asshole. This means that I'm your friend, I'm loyal and kind until you start behaving in a way that is counterproductive to your life. At that moment, I bring out my professional asshole skills and give you some tough love. You need to get your shit together and I'll be by your side to help you do that. This is part of my job as a professional asshole; to support you but give you my honest opinion on how you are fucking things up. We all fuck up our lives and make mistakes Show me a person who doesn't make mistakes and I will show you that Falcor from the Neverending Story is my pet in real life. You can't hold up your end of the bargain, and I don't own a luck dragon. Everyone makes mistakes, we're not infallible and we need to own that. That's what a professional asshole is for. A professional asshole helps you to recognize your life blunders and repair them. Certfied Fucking Assholes [...]

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Unstable Homeless Man Attacks Innocent People at @McDonalds

Dear McDonalds, I took my kids to the McDonalds location on Flatbush Avenue at The Atlantic Mall today. I never go to your restaurant, because my kids normally don't eat fast food. However, we had a snow day today, and I wanted to give them a treat. Jashana, the shift manager, was very kind and took our order. It was around 11 am  when we entered your establishment. We sat down to eat in a booth. All of a sudden a homeless man (he identified himself as "a bum") entered the restaurant. "I'm a bum. I'm a fucking bum right?!" He screamed at the customers. It was truly unsettling. My kids and I tried to ignore him as we ate our food. Despite our efforts to enjoy our food, the man persisted in harassing Jashana and the other customers. He screamed at this innocent woman behind the counter saying "when you go home, you suck your man's dick! I know you do." Now, my children are six and eight years of age. They don't know what a blow job is, but after we exited the restaurant my eight-year-old asked me what "sucking a dick" meant. I didn't anticipate having that [...]

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The door is open for you to be yourself

I opened the door for you. I'm holding it ajar with my body, and ushering you inside with my right hand; it's an invitation for you to be yourself. You don't have to pretend to be someone else, because who you are is beautiful. I won't ask you to change for me. I like you the way you are. That's why you are my friend. And I appreciate how similar we are and also how vastly different. We come from disparate universes, but I still love you, because you are you. I can see the light shining inside your eyes. They are small pebbles but they sparkle in the dark night. I want to look into them again and smile when I do it. I'm here to tell you that you matter. I'm standing in front of you telling you the honest truth, that you are incredible and you can. You can do that thing you're afraid of doing, but you want to do so badly. I believe in you as much as I believe in me. I see myself in you, and I also see how we make each other's lives better. There are so many things I want [...]

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