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Old School/New School Car

Last night, my son drove around his new car that Wilhelm (his dad) found on the street:After he drove his new ride for a while, he returned to his tried and true friend, The Cozy Coupe. It seemed he believed that if he abandoned the Cozy Coupe, it would be upset. He tried to pay [...]

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Old School New School Part II

I was hanging out at the pier on the West side highway with my son and a dear friend of mine. Suddenly two cute little dogs appeared out of nowhere and accosted us as we were sitting in the grass.The dogs were followed by an attractive looking couple, a blond woman and a dark haired [...]

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Old School New School

You may be wondering why this blog is called Old School/New School Mom. Well, wonder no more!In raising my son, I believe that it is important to take parenting ideas and advice from the previous generation (AKA the Old School) and also integrate parenting advice from our peers (AKA the New School).You will be a [...]

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