Happy Birthday Ari and Max & Ruby Live!

It's Ari's birthday today! The little man is three-years-old, or as he likes to say, he is "three months old." When he says that he's three months old, I tell him: "Samara is three months old, you're three years old." He then insists that Samara is three-years-old and he is three months old, and I [...]

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Where The Wild 30 Year Old Went For Her Birthday

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. I am officially three decades old. To celebrate, my best friend Mint, my son and I went to see "Where The Wild Things Are," in IMAX at an insanely early hour. The show was at 9:20am!When We entered the theater lobby, Mint said:"We need to have a plan in case [...]

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First Birthday Parties

My son turns one year old today! May 6th. Happy Birthday, goo-goohead! The first birthday is a big deal. In most ways it is a bigger deal for the parents than it is for the baby. As my best friend said wisely:"The first birthday is celebrating that you survived one year with a baby."And its [...]

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