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Cat Crib Antics

I went to sleep late last night. I'm talking late, like midnight late. My son had been asleep since 7pm and for some reason I could not get myself to wind down.Finally, after watching massive amounts of television, I knocked out. My boyfriend stumbled home from his overnight shift at the airport at 5am. I [...]

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Dr. Michael Thompson Rocks!

I recently wrote an email to Dr. Michael Thompson praising him on his book, It's a Boy.The book talks about child development with regard to boys specifically.I really enjoyed his book and admire Dr. Thompson as writer and clinician. So I decided to tell him all of this in an email. I sent him a [...]

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The Transition to Solid Foods

My son has been eating baby food jars since he was six months old. I only feed him organic baby food because I feel that it has the purest ingredients for his little body. His favorite brand is Earth's Best Organic Baby Food However, he is having a really hard time transitioning from pureed baby [...]

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First Birthday Parties

My son turns one year old today! May 6th. Happy Birthday, goo-goohead! The first birthday is a big deal. In most ways it is a bigger deal for the parents than it is for the baby. As my best friend said wisely:"The first birthday is celebrating that you survived one year with a baby."And its [...]

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For the Love of Coffee

Well folks, it's been a year. My son is turning one tomorrow and I am getting nostalgic. Many things have helped me survive throughout this year; my boyfriend, my incredibly supportive friends and family, even my cats and one more crucial Coffee, I love you very much. You got me through a very hard [...]

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My First Substitute Teaching Experience

Today I substitute taught at my old elementary school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I got up early, got ready, dropped my son off with my parents so that they could babysit, and took the subway uptown. I got off the train and started walking uptown towards my old school. Who did I [...]

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The Developmental Milestone War

"Aww! Your son is so cute! How old is he?""A year.""Really? He's big for a year. Is he walking?""No, no he's not walking yet." "Oh, well my daughter was walking at 9 months. Just give him time he'll do it. Is he talking yet?""Yeah, he says 'mama' and 'dada' but he doesn't really know what [...]

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