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The Video Diary of a Toddler

Adults lead busy lives, but so do children; especially toddlers. There is a lot on the agenda for a toddler. Whether it's collecting office supplies and then promptly destroying them, chasing the household pets, or finding out what's inside a box and then eating it, regardless of whether or not it is objectively edible. All [...]

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Ari Discovers The Webcam

After several fruitless attempts to get my son away from the computer, I decided to embrace his obsession with this particular technology. Instead of letting him blindly bang on the keyboard, I had another plan. I introduced him to the webcam where he could see himself on the computer screen. Needless to say he was [...]

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Is There a Clean Tee-Shirt in This House?

It's a very easy thing to do; stay in your house. Especially when the weather is hot and humid outside and you don't feel like you live in New York City anymore but rather the rain forest in a South American country. Personally, this kind of weather makes me want to become one with my [...]

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Babies and The Elderly

Babies are loved by many, but nobody loves a good baby more than the elderly.My best friend's father has dementia. Before he got sick, George always loved babies. I am happy to report that despite his illness, George's love for babies has remained intact.Yesterday, my son and I went to visit my best friend and [...]

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Can I borrow Your Phone?

Although my trip to Puerto Rico was loads of fun, there was one thing that did go wrong: I lost my phone. Yes, friends, my phone was eaten by the sands of Condado Beach. I'm a little sad about it. Okay I am a lot sad about it. It was the G1 Google phone and [...]

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A Visit to Museo del Niño

Today I had the privilege of visiting San Juan's Museo del Niño (The Children's Museum) with my son and my boyfriend, who (incidentally) was the photographer of this photo:We tried to visit the museum yesterday, but it was Monday and apparently this museum is closed on Mondays. We found this out after trekking from Condado [...]

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The Ocean is a Toy

The ocean is many things; it is beautiful, mysterious, sometimes dangerous with it's unpredictable ebb and flow. But today I have learned that (in addition to all these qualities that the ocean possesses) it is also a toy.Let me explain; my son decided that when the waves wash into the shore it is hysterically funny.And [...]

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Puerto Rico: Where Children are Loved

Greetings from sunny (sometimes rainy for five minutes and then sunny again) Puerto Rico! Where the natives love children and say things like:"Que Lindo! Su nino caminando." - "How beautiful, your child is walking."Puerto Ricans love children. I cannot tell you how many random people; people on the street people in restaurants, people at the [...]

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