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Adiri Natural Nurser Giveaway!

A few months ago I had the opportunity to review the Adiri Natural Nurser, a bottle that is specifically designed for breast-fed babies. See review here. I know, it sounds like a paradox, a bottle for breast fed babies; but the Adiri Natural Nurser was created with the breast fed baby in mind. Many breast [...]

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It’s Getting Hot in Here!

August 2009, Brooklyn, NY. The weather outside is 90 degrees or more. When I walk outside it feels like I am walking into a pizza oven. The sidewalk is emanating heat.Inside it is just as hot. Our air conditioner is on the fritz and everyone in the apartment notices the intense wave of pure unadulterated [...]

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The Stroller: Don’t Leave Home Without it!

The stroller was invented to make the lives of parents a little bit easier. Here's how it all began:England 1733: William Kent, a garden architect, was asked by the Duke of Devonshire to design a portable device to carry his children around in. Kent came up with a baby carriage.United States 1889: William Richardson improves [...]

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Will You Go Out With Me?

Ah the single life! I remember those days well. When I could sleep in on Saturdays and stay in my pajamas all day long. Those days are gone. Today, sleeping in is an urban legend.As far as staying in my pajamas all day, this is not a viable option. The main reason is that my [...]

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What Not to Wear – Baby Boy!

In the spirit of Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from the TLC hit show "What Not to Wear," I would like to address the issue of baby boy clothing.When I was pregnant and found out I was having a boy I was thrilled. I was also a little relieved. I was relieved because of a [...]

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