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An Eventful Visit to CMOM (Children’s Museum of Manhattan)

I had the pleasure today of visiting CMOM (The Children's Museum of Manhatan) with my son. As someone who grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I am familiar with the museum and have foggy recollections of visiting it during my childhood. However, when I set foot into CMOM today, it was a [...]

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The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done to Date

I have stayed home with my son for exactly one year now. I just recently re-entered the work force as a substitute teacher for the New York City Department of Education. And let me tell you, after not working for one year, it is tough to go back to work.Don't get me wrong, having and [...]

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In Response to Cat Antics

I've received a few responses to The Cat Antics blog. One was from Mint, stating that she was dissatisfied with the picture of Egreck because it didn't accurately depict the image of baby and kitty sleeping together. I wholeheartedly agree with her on that one.It's too bad that I didn't have a camera ready at [...]

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Cat Crib Antics

I went to sleep late last night. I'm talking late, like midnight late. My son had been asleep since 7pm and for some reason I could not get myself to wind down.Finally, after watching massive amounts of television, I knocked out. My boyfriend stumbled home from his overnight shift at the airport at 5am. I [...]

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Dr. Michael Thompson Rocks!

I recently wrote an email to Dr. Michael Thompson praising him on his book, It's a Boy.The book talks about child development with regard to boys specifically.I really enjoyed his book and admire Dr. Thompson as writer and clinician. So I decided to tell him all of this in an email. I sent him a [...]

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The Transition to Solid Foods

My son has been eating baby food jars since he was six months old. I only feed him organic baby food because I feel that it has the purest ingredients for his little body. His favorite brand is Earth's Best Organic Baby Food However, he is having a really hard time transitioning from pureed baby [...]

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First Birthday Parties

My son turns one year old today! May 6th. Happy Birthday, goo-goohead! The first birthday is a big deal. In most ways it is a bigger deal for the parents than it is for the baby. As my best friend said wisely:"The first birthday is celebrating that you survived one year with a baby."And its [...]

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