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Waaaaa! I want it now!

My son is 13 months, but you would think he was already two because...the tantrums have begun.He zooms up to my computer and bangs on the keyboard with his little hands which are surprisingly strong. I quickly run up to him, remove him from the situation and place him in front of a zillion baby-friendly [...]

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My Thoughts on The Jon & Kate Plus Eight “Scandal” Part II

I (like most of America) watched Jon and Kate Plus Eight last night. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I have been a fan of the show for quite some time. It was a poignant episode for sure.The truth is, despite the success of their show, despite their celebrity status, their trips to exotic [...]

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The Park Slope Parents Debacle Part II

I am happy to report that I received an apologetic email from the founder of the Park Slope Parents Yahoo Group. My great friend, Josina wrote an email to PSP stating the following: Hello, I have let my membership expire on purpose as I feel that it is not a worthwhile expense for my family [...]

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Old School New School Part II

I was hanging out at the pier on the West side highway with my son and a dear friend of mine. Suddenly two cute little dogs appeared out of nowhere and accosted us as we were sitting in the grass.The dogs were followed by an attractive looking couple, a blond woman and a dark haired [...]

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The Bluntness of Children

Let me start by saying that I am a very lucky woman. I am lucky because I have the opportunity to earn money while spending time with children. I love being with kids. It is a distinctly different experience from being with adults. But one of the main reasons that I enjoy spending time with [...]

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Crying in The Bathroom

Let's face it; as much as I would like to think I've got it together, it's a lie. I am often overwhelmed by the stress of--caring for my son--maintaining my two "real" jobs--caring for my boyfriend--caring for myselfThere are more items that I could add to this list but it would literally take me all [...]

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Free Baby Body Care – Earth’s Best!

As a mom who is attempting to live on a limited budget, I am always excited when I find free or low cost baby products.I received an email today from my favorite baby food company, Earth's Best with an exciting promotion; a free Baby Body Care kit by Jason. I am committed to caring for [...]

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How Many Months Are You?

Before I had my son, I would run into adorable children on the street and ask:"Aw! How old is your son?"And the mother would reply:"He's 19 months."At that moment I would internally roll my eyes and laugh. 19 months? How old is that really? When you ask an adult how old they are they give [...]

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