The Sock Drawer #NaBloPoMo @BlogHer

//The Sock Drawer #NaBloPoMo @BlogHer

The Sock Drawer #NaBloPoMo @BlogHer

When I was growing up, we had a sock drawer. In the drawer there were socks from all walks of life. There were foot covering friends of all shapes and sizes  Adult socks, child’s socks, women’s socks and men’s socks. They were striped, argyle, polka dots, plain white, black, athletic, worn, torn, and loved socks.

Now, I am a grownup – I think. I have two children and I have to dress them every morning. Despite the fact that I lay their clothing out the night before, I still have difficulty finding socks. So, I decided to recreate the sock drawer of my youth.


It’s a glorious site. Also, I’ve stopped buying children’s socks. I feel like they are a waste of money and kids grow out of them too quickly. I purchase adult socks that are fun and colorful. The kids love them!

Do you have a communal sock drawer?

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  1. Mari Farthing November 2, 2015 at 4:21 pm

    I love this idea! Though I would be afraid that my daughter would fill it with dirty socks because that’s kind of a thing for her. 🙂

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