A Taste of Wool Part 15

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A Taste of Wool Part 15

“Don’t you bring those muddy shoes in this house, Cindy Harmon!” Nancy Harmon shouted at her 11 year-old daughter. It was a soggy day in Helenville, New Jersey. The rain had just cleared up, and Cindy and her friend Jamie had been romping around in the mud in the backyard. Nancy fastened her apron tighter around her waist turned to face her daughter, who was standing in the door way of the kitchen waiting for her to come inside from the mud.

“Aw mom!” Cindy whined. Nancy Harmon turned her back to her daughter and resumed her task of rinsing off string beans for dinner. Cindy saw her chance. She motioned to Jamie to follow her into the kitchen and upstairs to Cindy’s room. A little mud never hurt anyone, right? Cindy was half way across the kitchen floor when Nancy Harmon whirled around, flinging several string beans into the air.

“Aha! Caught you! Girls, take off your shoes and socks and leave them on the porch. Cindy, I want you to mop those foot prints up this instant! Jamie, you can help me with those, she said motioning to the string beans. Cindy sucked her teeth and went to get me out of the closet.

The End.


This concludes A Taste of Wool. If you’d like to read the story from the start click here. 

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