I Feel Like I Just Had Her

//I Feel Like I Just Had Her

I Feel Like I Just Had Her

It feels like I just gave birth to Samara, but in reality, it’s been nearly 10 months! Samara will be one on January 22nd, 2012. Aunt Mimi just got a new cell phone, and so she purged all her old cell phone pictures into an online album on Google Plus, which she shared with me. I stole these gems from that album:

Aunt Mimi, Samara, and I

Samara at Birth: She Looks Like Ari!

Olivia (my amazing friend and doula), and Samara Olivia

Me Nursing Samara

Aunt Mimi and Samara

Aunt Mimi, thank you for purging your cell phone. Sorry I stole the pictures, but they were too awesome to pass up!

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