Cloth Diaper Update

//Cloth Diaper Update

Cloth Diaper Update

I’ve written to a bunch of cloth diaper companies asking for samples. Here is what I said:

To Whom it May Concern:

I am the mother of a 11 month old, and I am heavily considering the cloth diaper option. I currently have blog where I am beginning to review baby products.

Would it be possible for your company to send me a sample cloth diaper to try?

Thank you for your time.


Sarah Fader


The responses I’ve received so far have boiled down to this; we can’t send you a sample because our company is too small and we would go broke if we sent out samples to everyone who asked for them.

I have included the current responses I’ve received below.
Good Morning Sarah,

Thank you for your interest in Thirsties!
Unfortunately, as a small Mom and Pop company, we are unable to send out samples.
You could watch our Outlet Store at, or find a retailer on our wholesale site:

Best wishes in your endeavors!
Thirsties Customer Support

I am sorry but we are a small company and we are unable to send out samples to everyone that asks for them. We get this request 5-10 times every single day and doing so would put our small business out of business.
Good luck with your blog, I stopped by to check it out.
Linda Byerline CEO
MLB Industries Inc

I understand their position; however I don’t want to purchase a product before I know what I’m getting into.

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